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Webwinkel tijdelijk gesloten

Helaas zijn wij genoodzaakt vanwege het coronavirus de webwinkel en verkoop tijdelijk te sluiten.
Onze focus ligt op de gezondheid van ons personeel en het behouden van de moederkweken.
Wij verwachten minimaal 6 weken gesloten te zijn en zullen,  via de website kenbaar maken wanneer wij weer,  met de voor u vertrouwde kwaliteit insecten en service klaar staan.

Wij hopen op begrip van u,  ondanks dat dit een heel vervelende situatie is voor u en zullen er alles aan doen om u zo snel mogelijk weer van dienst te kunnen zijn.

Natural Feed for Birds, Fish Reptiles and Amphibians

Insects are a natural and healthy food source for various animals. Provide your animals with high-quality feed by easily by ordering living, freeze-dried or frozen insects in our webshop.
From €0,83


The yellow buffalo is clearly visible and therefore excellent food for insect-eating birds, small reptiles, fish, salamanders and frogs. Very suitable feed during the breeding season for several birds.

From €1,75


Crickets are excellent food for reptiles, fish, birds. But also small insectivorous mammals, such as rodents, like to eat crickets. We grow three types of crickets which are available in different sizes.

From €1,75

Morio worms

The favorable chitin body ratio makes morio worms more palatable than the common mealworm. Morio worms are suitable feed for reptiles, birds, fish, insect-eating mammals but can also be used effectively as life fish bait.

From €0,63


The mealworm is very popular food for various birds, but other insect eaters, including lizards, iguanas and other reptiles, appreciate the mealworm as their natural food.

From €1,30


Grasshoppers are a protein-rich delicacy for many reptiles, birds, fish and various mammals. Grasshoppers move towards (sun) light and are therefore easy prey.

From €0,85

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are particularly suitable for small frogs, small birds (including hummingbirds) and young reptiles. Our fruit flies are unable to fly and therefore ideal feed for small animals.

Also Available

From €4,50

Freeze-dried Insects

Freeze-dried insects contain a high concentration of nutritional values and in particular a high protein content.

From €3,75

Frozen Insects

Frozen Insects

Feeding fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and rodents with frozen food is an excellent alternative.

From €3,00

Insect Feed

Insect Feed

Our insect feed is highly suitable for different kinds of insects and can easily be added to your order.

Who we are

Insect Breeder Kreca Ento-Feed

Kreca Ento-Feed BV is a leading insect breeder, who has been producing high quality insects for animal feed for over 40 years. Our portfolio includes: buffalo's, mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers, fruit flies, wax moths, cockroaches and all insects are produced in safe, controlled environments. We work continuously to improve and optimize our production methods and processes to ensure the highest quality our customers. Our insects are a source of high-quality functional nutrients and are ideal as feed for birds, fish, reptiles and other animals.