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Freeze-Dried Insects

Freeze-Dried Insects

Description inc. VAT Quantity
Freeze dried crickets 50 gram
€ 12,80
Freeze dried buffalo's 50 gram
€ 6,01
Freeze dried grasshoppers 35 pieces
€ 20,02
Freeze dried zophobas morio 50 gram
€ 9,14
Freeze dried mealworms 50 gram
€ 6,40
Freeze dried grasshoppers 35 pieces
€ 20,02

These articles are only for animal consumption!
Insects for human consumption can be ordered at: www.krecafood.com


Freeze-drying is a technique where under special circumstances moisture is extracted from products – in this case insects. Opposed to wind-dried insects, the nutritional value and the structure of the insects are completely preserved. Some insects lose their legs or wings.

The advantages of freeze-dried insects:
  • Contain a high nutritional value (especially interesting for young animals)!
  • Contain a high protein content
  • Taste and colour are well preserved
  • Can be stored very well, also during long periods.
  • Are easy to dose
  • Easy and relatively cheap to ship
Available stock:
  • Freeze dried buffalo's
  • Freeze dried crickets
  • Freeze dried giant mealworms
  • Freeze dried mealworms
  • Freeze dried grasshoppers

For many animals, insects are the natural source of protein in the food chain. The quantity of insects on the menu of these species, highly depends on their individual dietary pattern.Some species almost entirely depend on insects. Others only eat insect to supplement their normal menu. Some only have a strong need for this food during the brooding period or while raising their young.

Freeze-dried insects offer the possibility, to put a well balanced meal together, tuned to the needs of the animals. Some insectivores will only respond to the movements of living prey. Other species, used to eating living insects, can easily learn to get used to freeze-dried insects, by mixing living insects and freeze-dried insects for a while.

Kreca’s freeze-dried insects therefore are a valuable supplement to the menu of various animals. The freeze-dried insects can easily be added to existing fodder like all-purpose-, breeding-and concentrated fodder, but also to fodder consisting of seeds and/or fruits. The freeze-dried insects can also be added to fodder for reptiles (iguanas), turtles, large aquarium- (cycliden) and pond fishes, small mammals (hedgehogs, mice and hamsters). When added to mixed fruit or placed on a damp cloth, the freeze-dried insects will easily absorb moisture.

As freeze-dried insects easily float on water, they are also excellent food for animals which get their food from the water surface, like various water fowl and pond fishes. You can also very well mix it with birdseeds for birds around the house. In spring they fodder their young with it and in winter, when there is snow and frost, they can really use the extra high-quality proteins.

Nutritional Values

Nutritional values buffalo's (Alphitobius diaperinus) per 100 gr
Crude ashes 3.4
Crude fibre 6.1
Fluid 2.5
Crude protein 56.8
Crude fat 30.1


Nutritional values banded crickets (Gryllus sigillatus) per 100 gr
Crude ashes 4.6
Crude fibre 7.6
Fluid 9.1
Crude protein 69.8
Crude fat 12.4


Nutritional values house crickets (Acheta domesticus) per 100 gr
Crude ashes 4.8
Crude fibre 7.7
Fluid 2.8
Crude protein 69.1
Crude fat 18.5


Nutritional values morio worms (Zophobas morio) per 100 gr
Crude ashes 3.0
Crude fibre 5.0
Fluid 3.8
Crude protein 43.6
Crude fat 41.9


Nutritional values mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) per 100 gr
Crude ashes 3.4
Crude fibre 6.5
Fluid 2.4
Crude protein 45.1
Crude fat 37.2


Nutritional values grasshoppers (Locusta migratoria) per 100 gr
Crude ashes 2.3
Crude fibre 8.4
Fluid 4.2
Crude protein 48.2
Crude fat 38.1

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