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Description inc. VAT Quantity
Buffalo's 1 litre in a white bag
€ 16,51
Buffalo's cup 70 cc
€ 2,26


The yellow buffalo is very visible and as such makes excellent food for your insect-eating birds, small reptiles, fish, salamander and frogs. It is excellent food during brooding periods for amongst others tits, (young) bullfinch and wild birds. The stem buffalo has been specially selected and marketed by Kreca. The buffalo gives off a lot of heat and in a warm environment pupates relatively quickly. The larvae also are excellent protein rich food. Also available in freeze-dried and frozen form.

  • Box 70 cc
  • Bag or tube of 500 cc or 1000 cc

In summer it is common practice to deliver buffalo's in 500 cc packaging: due to high outside temperatures they will need more space to give off their warmth. Extra packaging costs will be charged.



Buffalo's delivered in boxes can be kept in the enclosed packaging. Buffalo's in cylinders need to be kept in a smooth sided bin. Buffalo's release a lot of warmth and therefore need to be kept in a spacious container. Minimum measures for 1.000 cc buffalo's in a container of circa 25 x 40 x 10 cm (1 x w x h). Smooth edges will make sure that the buffalo cannot escape. In case you wish to close the container, it’s important that good ventilation can take place, to assure the buffalo's can rid themselves of their own produced heat.

Attention: Buffalo's are known for digging themselves into Styrofoam and other insulation material in order to pupate. This causes wholes in the material. Therefore it is advisable not to feed you insectivore too many buffalos at once.


Place the container in a cool dry place: The ideal temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. When the buffalo's are kept in a warmer place, they will be active and produce more heat.


Bran or whole-wheat bread and in addition every other day s a bit of apple or carrot. You prevent growing fungus in the container by not giving them too much moisture rich food. Only give new food when the previous portion has been finished.

A piece of advice for you insectivore's
We advise you to optimize the nutritional value of the buffalo by adding the calcium- and vitamin preparation AVES mealworm food one day before consumption.

Nutritional values

Nutritional values per 100 gr
Crude ashes 3.4
Crude fibre 6.1
Fluid 2.5
Crude protein 56.8
Crude fat 30.1

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