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This flat, oval insect is excellent food for amongst others chameleons, lizards. They are afraid of light and are about 3,5 to 4 cm when fully grown. The males have wings, the females don’t but neither of them can fly. The male can produce sound with his wings.

  • Box 15 pieces, medium/ fullgrown
  • Tube  100 pieces medium/ fullgrown



In the supplied tray or in a well sealed synthetic or plastic box or tray with smooth sides. Cover with extra fine gauze is a must otherwise the smaller creatures will escape.


Preferably between the 20 and 25 degrees. Not in direct sunlight!


Pieces of bread and a piece of carrot or apple. Do not feed them until the previous portion has been finished for a day. When there’s too much humidity they’ll die more quickly and the tray will become mouldy.


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