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Description inc. VAT Quantity
Pachnoda butana big, cup 10 pieces
€ 1,80
Pachnoda butana big, tube 250 pieces
€ 35,45


These tropical rose Beatle larva, are big white larva that originally live in soil and feed on roots and other plant material. They are excellent fodder and breed nutrition for giant birds (like ostriches, toucan and hornbills) and bigger types of reptiles (pearl lizards), but also for small mammals like for example porcupines.

  • Box big/ medium 10 pieces
  • Tube big/ medium 250 pieces



Dola’s are easy to keep in a container with potting compost (soil). Make sure to keep the soil damp.


Preferably between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.


Dolas can be fed with small pieces of vegetables and fruit (for example carrot and apple).


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