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Description inc. VAT Quantity
Dendrobena's veneta, cup 15-20 pieces
€ 2,46
Dendrobena's veneta, packed pro kg
€ 39,88

For now, the Dendrobena in kilo package available is only on Tuesday. Please order on Monday before 12:00 for delivery on the following Tuesday.


Rain worms are excellent food for birds, fish and certain types of snakes, salamanders, frogs and hedgehogs. It is a high-protein worm. Dendrobena's are also used as fish-bait.

  • Box 15 - 20 pieces
  • Box 1 kilo.



Rain worms are delivered in compost and need to be kept in a dark place. The small box can be used as permanent housing. The packaging per kilo, usually a Styrofoam box, can also be stored in here. In case you prefer to move them, you can best use a smooth synthetic container of 20 x 40 x 10 cm (1 x w x h). Add some extra soil.


Preferably between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius. Alternatively in the refrigerator.


If necessary dampen the soil, but avoid it becoming mouldy.


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