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House crickets

House crickets
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Description inc. VAT Quantity
Acheta domesticus cup, size 0
€ 1,75
Acheta domesticus cup, size 2
€ 1,75
Acheta domesticus cup, size 3
€ 1,75
Acheta domesticus cup, size 4
€ 1,75
Acheta domesticus cup, size 5
€ 1,75
Acheta domesticus cup, size 6
€ 1,75
Acheta domesticus cup, size 7
€ 1,75
Acheta domesticus cup, size 8
€ 1,75
Tube Acheta domesticus size 3, 50 gram
€ 12,10
Tube Acheta domesticus size 4, 50 gram
€ 12,10
Tube Acheta domesticus size 5, 100 gram
€ 12,71
Tube Acheta domesticus size 6, 200 gram
€ 17,55
Tube Acheta domesticus size 7, 200 gram
€ 15,73
Tube Acheta domesticus size 8, 240 gram
€ 14,52

Size 4 is a small cricket, size 6 is medium and size 8 is a adult cricket. For more information, please check information.


Crickets make excellent nutrition for reptiles, fish and birds. But also smaller insect eating mammals, like rodents and the garden hedgehog eat crickets. We breed three types available in different sizes. Also available as a freeze-dried and frozen product.

  • House cricket (Acheta domesticus)

We supply the house cricket in the seizes 0, 2, 3, 4*, 5, 6, 7 en 8. In case size 0 to 6 are out of stock, banded crickets will be delivered in the demanded size.

  • Field cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus)

The field cricket is bigger than the house cricket and has a black colour. They can be ordered in the sizes 5, 6, 7 en 8.

  • Banded cricket (Gryllus sigillatus)

Almost the same size as the house cricket but from seize 6 and on they will jump more than the house cricket. Can be supplied in the seizes: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 en 8.

  • In boxes
  • In tubes
Size 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Size in mm: 1 3 5 7 10 15 20 25

Size 4 is a small cricket, size 6 medium and size 8 is a adult cricket.



Crickets in boxes can be stored in the supplied packaging. If you order the cylinder box we advice you to move the crickets to a closed bin with smooth sides (made of synthetic material or glass) and wire gauze on top. The recommended measures of the container are approx. 30 x 20 cm (L x W x H) per cylindrical contents. Adding extra climate material is advisable.


Preferably between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.


Crickets are shipped with enough food to arrive at your house in good shape. You can keep crickets well for several days when you put a small piece of carrot or apple to maintain humidity in the box.

A piece of advice for your insectivore's

Wild insectivores enjoy a varied menu that supplies them with an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals. Almost all insectivores need calcium for their bone structure. Insects, also the reared ones, contain low calcium content. Therefore it is advisable to add a high-quality calcium preparation to the nourishment of your insectivore. Kreca has excellent calcium- and vitamin preparations in its assortment.

Nutritional Values

Nutritional values Banded crickets (Gryllus sigillatus) per 100 gr
Crude ashes 4.6
Crude fibre 7.6
Fluid 9.1
Crude protein 69.8
Crude fat 12.4


Nutritional values House crickets (Acheta domesticus) per 100 gr
Crude ashes 4.8
Crude fibre 7.7
Fluid 2.8
Crude protein 69.1
Crude fat 18.5

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