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Kreca Ento-Feed BV is world’s leading insect farm established in 1981 in the Netherlands. The company produces more than ten species of insects for the animal feed industry (reptiles, petfood and aquaculture). The company is operating worldwide through a well-established and recognizable distributors network.

Kreca Ento-Feed BV continuously works on contributing to solving one of the world's biggest challenges: to ensure feed and food security for a growing animal population in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Our scientists contribute by continuously developing and optimizing innovative and sustainable breeding and rearing technologies.

Kreca Ento-Feed BV works closely with various recognizable institutions on improving methodologies and processes in their farms like Wageningen University (WUR) department animal science and entomology and TNO Innovation for life. Kreca Ento-Feed BV is member of VENIK (Dutch insect platform) and Executive and Founding member of IPIFF (International Platform for Feed and Food) in Brussels.

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